long-term and collaborative approach

NREP approaches its properties with a long-term horizon regardless of our expected holding period, and we take a collaborative approach that involves our stakeholders. We believe this is required to be able to provide a superior real estate product and a prerequisite to have a positive and lasting societal impact.

Industry plagued by narrow short-term mindsets

Small additional investments can create large values for a broader set of stakeholders over the lifetime of the building, but many of these ’right’ decisions do not get made because of agents in the value chain that are plagued by narrow short-term incentives.

Feeding a positive cycle of value and opportunity

Value and sustainability mean different things for different stakeholders. NREP’s long-term, collaborative and multistakeholder approach maximizes total value creation, but it is also a prerequisite for our business model, where we feed a positive cycle of creating long term value for multiple stakeholders who in turn entrust us with unique opportunities.

  • Jens Kramer Mikkelsen
    Director of Urban Development, NREP

    Kramer’s urban development experience includes his pioneering work as Mayor of Copenhagen 1989-2004 when he played a central role in the development of the ‘Copenhagen Model’ for city development. Subsequently, he spent three years at the Ørestad Development Company as well as 11 years as CEO of CPH City & Port Development, the publicly owned company that is charged with shaping the future of Copenhagen.

    “My life work has been focused on how we can develop thriving inclusive cities and neighbourhoods. The complexity is humbling, and success requires a will to truly understand the local context and a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach to provide the solutions. The regeneration of the socially disadvantaged Tingbjerg area in Copenhagen is a case in point. Our innovative partnership with the municipality and two social housing companies unlocked solutions that will set the area on a completely different trajectory than would otherwise have been the case.”

  • Dorotea Stellmach
    Head of Concept Development, Altura

    Prior to joining NREP, Dorotea was Regional Director at Attendo Sverige, the largest care home operator in the Nordics, where she worked for 17 years building the business together with the management team. Before that, she worked at Partena Care.

    “I have worked in care my entire career, and creating better living for our elderly is profoundly personal to me. There is a structural problem that I am worried about, but most people who have been to a couple of care homes probably know that there is also a moral imperative to provide our seniors with a more positive living environment. A care home environment should provide a sense of a stimulating, safe and caring home – not a worn down hospital ward. Our concept is based on methodical research, years of experience from care home operations and meticulous optimisation of a myriad of design and production details that all add up to something that I hope will make a difference.”

  • Lars Bock
    Senior Development Manager

    Lars has a wide background as an engineer focused on building residential projects and is a certified DGNB sustainability consultant. He has worked with companies ranging from entrepreneurs, developers and engineering consultancies, most recently working as client advisor at MOE.

    “Sustainability requires change, and it is not easy in practice to align partners and service providers in a real estate development to do things in new ways. Every project involves a new constellation, and change means managing unknowns and risks. A major part of my work at NREP, and say 30% of my time, is therefore focused on pushing initiatives and projects that make real estate better from a social and environmental perspective, while still managing risks and achieving strong economic viability. It is challenging, but I believe it is important and rewarding. And with every project iteration both we and our partners get up the learning curve. An example is Resource Rows and Upcycle Studios, which were challenging but then paved the way for more effective and efficient application of circular solutions in subsequent projects.”

  • Lena Lee
    Food & Beverage

    Prior to joining NREP, Lena worked as  a professional chef and manager of food concepts. Originally trained at Noma and the Fat Duck, Lena subsequently ran F&B operations and set up new concepts for Løgismose Meyers, Aamanns and Novo Nordisk and hotels such as Hilton and Bella Sky.

    “To me, sustainability is about rethinking habits and exploring new opportunities. NREP strives to take the lead on inspiring people to healthy and climate-friendly food-habits, but we also see the production, preparation and consumption of food as an important catalyst for connectedness between people in our buildings and communities. I believe it is an important part of how we can breathe life into the spaces we create.”

  • Johan Hallgren Madsen
    Sustainability Manager – Energy

    Prior to joining NREP, Johan had a background in the renewable energy industry, most recently working at Ørsted developing and financing large scale offshore wind projects.

    “I stepped over to NREP from the renewable energy industry to act on the immense opportunity for real estate to play a role in combating climate change. Technologies to step from being a huge part of the problem to being a part of the solution are already here, but the challenge is to do it in practice. A combination of factors are making it a lot easier said than done, so I am extremely proud of how we in different ways have pioneered on-site renewables production in the Nordics and how we are progressing our program towards carbon neutral or carbon positive buildings.”