Making a difference is intentional and inherent to why we do what we do

NREP has always been about identifying that gap between how things are and how they could be – and then creating value by doing something about it. We are a purpose-driven organization and impact is inherent to our core business activities from investment strategy to sourcing, development management, asset management and exits.

We focus our investments and resources on properties and solutions that address structural social or environmental challenges. NREP’s approach to sustainability covers several aspects, from implementing technology innovations and building practices to purpose-driven real estate products and industry engagement.


On the scale from ‘classic investing’ to ‘philanthropy’, the majority of NREP’s main strategies can be described as ‘strategic and intentional’ by nature. More than 50% of our residential strategies, which in total represent 2/3 of our investment program, are addressing structural challenges.

A minority of our investments are less inherently impactful but benefit from the integration of ESG factors. For example, our logistics property business is pioneering on-site renewables in the Nordics by methodically rolling out the largest rooftop solar program in the Nordics and repeatedly launching record-breaking rooftop solar installations or zero-emissions heating through on-site deep geothermal heating.

We strive for 10% of our investments to be what we call lighthouse projects, where we truly push the sustainability agenda forward.

See Anders Berg Sørensen, Investment Manager in NREP elaborate on his daily work with sustainability in NREP.