Early informed engagement is key to move from ambitions to real impact

The window of opportunity for impact in the design phase of construction is narrow.

To be a driver of sustainability and create as much impact as possible NREP methodically engages up-front with value-chain stakeholders to move from acting as reactive accountants to progressive designers.

This is done in practice by applying progressive LCA (life cycle analysis) in the design phase to optimize the reduction of the CO2 footprint from building materials and operating energy throughout the building’s life cycle. LCA gives the opportunity to make changes when making them is the most cost-efficient.

Early informed engagement is key to step from ambitions to actions​

​We use our Sustainable Development Performance Standards and accompanying technical specifications, templates and tools to up-front articulate specifications of process, performance and solutions to enable and push our partners, contractors and service providers to integrate sustainability before the window of opportunity closes. ​

​Early stage LCA scenario analysis is a key part of the tool box to improve the way we build. Simply doing an LCA to calculate the embodied carbon of your building on a backwards-looking basis does not make any difference in greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, if we do LCA scenario analysis at the very initial scoping stages, then we often find that we can save 10-30% embodied carbon without significant economic trade-offs. ​

​Legal requirements for LCA came binding in Denmark 2022 onwards, and rest of the Nordic countries are planning to make it mandatory in the future. In Denmark early stage LCA and actual reductions of carbon won’t be required until 2027 or later. 2027 will be too late to achieve the 50% reduction that IPCC and the scientific community says that we have to achieve before 2030. Therefore, we at NREP are determined to be proactive and a leader within this area. ​

Deep dive in our early stage LCA carbon reduction analysis on Store Torv here.