reconceiving value chain Collaboration

Sustainability requires changing how we do things – and change is particularly hard in real estate development. For almost every project, a new constellation of parties comes together to produce a unique product. They do so under tight timelines and budgets, with rigid contractual arrangements that severely penalize delays or cost overruns. This makes it very hard to step back to evaluate and adopt new solutions – even if everyone agrees they would be better.

NREP’s position in the value chain means we can materially influence the rules of engagement and form more collaborative partnerships. ​​By working together with trusted and willing partners on a repetitive basis, we enable collaboration for better and more sustainable solutions.




“A fast transition will not happen without fundamental changes to the way we collaborate”

– Gustaf Lilliehöök, Sustainability Partner at NREP

Vertical integration with design consultancy

Lendager is a leading construction materials upcycling consultancy and materials provider. In 2014 NREP made the decision to step up its efforts to support the promotion of the circular construction agenda by forming a closer strategic collaboration with Lendager and became its largest owner.

This close collaboration helped us progress several groundbreaking projects and bring solutions up the maturity curve towards competitiveness on cost, risk and process parameters compared to conventional materials.

Examples of projects include Upcycle Studios, the first commercial scale circular residential development, which consists of 69% upcycled materials. Another example is UN17 Village, where we bring all 169 milestones from the SDGs into focus and share the learnings open source.

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Collaboration with CASA group to bring down costs of building sustainably

Plushusene is multigenerational community-based living housing solution established in 2018 through a joint venture by NREP and CASA Group. Our shared vision with Plushusene is to create a completely new and unique rental housing concept, which is based on the latest trends and needs within co-living. Plushusene concept is based on the best components from the traditional living communities in combination with today’s need to have its own private space. ​

Plushusene is a good example of one of our strategic partnerships, where the ambition of the partnership is built around a common vision to improve tenants’ living experience and decrease the buildings’ environment impact.

Explore the Plushusene Hedehusene project further here.

Public-private collaboration to create vibrant neighborhoods

Our experience is that we need a collaborative approach that brings together different stakeholders to give a holistic field of vision.  Ensuring a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach helps capture the many dimensions that make up life in a neighborhood.

NREP’s joint venture with the City & Port, the state and municipally owned landholding and development company tasked with the strategic development of Copenhagen, for the new city district North Harbor in Copenhagen is a good example of the broad value-chain collaboration required. Jointly taking a long term holistic approach to the full neighborhood and engaging a range from anthropologists and data analysts to local community representatives and residents.

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