building to provide people with a better living experience

Identifying structural and societal challenges, and then methodically providing better solutions to those challenges is the core of what NREP is about.

Since 2019,  we have completed, or are in the process of completing, 10 835 units of residential addressing student housing, community-based living, mixed generation communities, senior housing, care homes or rental apartments catering to people at or below median income.

Illustrative examples of 2020 progress on our journey to address societal challenges include the completion of the first phases of the regeneration of Tingbjerg, a socially disadvantaged neighborhood in Copenhagen, and supporting the launch of Home.Earth, a separate initiative focused on addressing housing affordability and in-equality in a way that we cannot do within traditional economic models.

SOCIAL GOALHeadline measures2025 ambition2020 actuals
Provide more people more affordable and fulfilling ways of living # user units produced or funded cumulatively 2019 – 2025 (completed or in process) that address socially vulnerable groups or rental that caters to people at or below median income 30 000 units10 835 units
Student housing 4 000 units1 656 units
Noli Studios7 000 units1 184 units
Rental apartments catering to people at or below median income12 000 units5 451 units
Plushusene units3 000 units1 185 units
Care home beds4 000 beds1 359 beds


Student community LIVING in UMEUS AMAGER

In 2020, construction continued of the student community UMEUS Amager.  There is a massive shortage of student housing in the Nordic capitals and university cities. Existing student housing is mostly outdated, and often new builds doesn’t match the preferences of living in a modern community expressed by the students themselves.

UMEUS Amager is addressing these challenges, providing approximately 350 students with affordable modern community living in a central location.

Watch the tour around the facilities with UMEUS’ CEO Michael Christian Helbo, and read more about the project here.

Mixed-generation community living in Plushusene Hedehusene

In 2020, we completed Plushusene Hedehusene. Many seniors struggle with loneliness, while many young families are struggling with stressors in their everyday lives but lack the supporting community context that could help alleviate some of those stressors.

Plushusene in the greater Copenhagen suburb of Hedehusene consists of 139 homes that provide active seniors and young families a modern serviced community-based living with access to curated activities that harness the synergies between the two resident groups in a way that improves the quality of life for everyone.

Watch the tour around the facilities with Plushusene CEO Martin Kring, and read more about the project here.

Flexible living on Noli Studios

Young professionals want to live flexible and convenient lives together with likeminded people in central homes in the large Nordic cities. Travelers are also looking for a homier experience than what is offered at most hotels today.

Noli Studios is a concept for young home-seekers and travelers looking for the comforts of home and the amenities of a hotel. The serviced, contemporary, and move-in-ready studios include a strong element of privacy combined with extended services and access to shared spaces, where people get the opportunity to be part of a community of fellow guests.

Watch the tour around Noli Studios Katajanokka and read more about the project here.

Future proof care home in Sisjödal

In 2020, the care home Sisjödal was completed. With cutting-edge technology, flexible buildings systems and a sustainable profile, the Sisjödal care home is the modern home of 90 elderly in southern Gothenburg. The property is built to meet the needs of residents, relatives and the care operator.

Research shows greenery is beneficial for elderly, which is why the facility offers heated outdoor spaces and good accessibility to light, fresh air and nature. The care home also includes gym, library, café, lounge area and a staffed lobby.

Watch the tour around Sisjödal care home and read more about the project here.

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